Fynes Audiology

People who are dealing with a hearing loss are sometimes reluctant to get a hearing aid, because they envision the large and uncomfortable devices their grandparents used to wear.

As Dr. Cassandra Fynes, owner of the full-service audiology clinic Fynes Audiology noted, hearing aids have come a long way.

“Today’s technology is getting smaller all of the time and more discreet,” she said, adding that current hearing devices also include rechargeable batteries, which eliminates the need to buy and fumble with small batteries.

Most modern-day hearing aids can also connect to Bluetooth, Fynes said, and many offer streaming from other devices; this means people can listen to television, music, audiobooks and telephone calls with greater ease.

In addition, hearing aids now often come with an app, which allows the wearer to easily make small adjustments to the device.

“Hearing aids are definitely not just for old people,” Fynes said.

In addition to featuring a number of hearing aid options for their clients, Fynes and audiologist Roger Knighton conduct comprehensive hearing diagnostic tests for hearing loss and tinnitus, and they also offer custom earplugs and earbuds.

“We work with our clients to help them decide which options are best for them,” she said.

Fynes opened Fynes Audiology in Mesa 18 years ago. Since then, she has helped countless clients regain the confidence and security that comes with being able to hear well.

“We are small and locally-owned and are not a chain, and we are not owned by a manufacturer of hearing aids,” Fynes said.

“We do what is best for our clients, and because we are small we can offer a more personal experience.”

Fynes said she and Knighton enjoy getting to know their clients, and will spend time chatting about their families in addition to their hearing issues.

“We know who is having grandchildren, and who has kids who are graduating, and who has a special birthday coming up,” Fynes said, adding that she and Knighton have been delighted by the steady increase in both patient and professional referrals.

Fynes Audiology is located at 2058 S. Dobson Road, Mesa. Information: 480-456-0176 or fynesaudiology.com.