This month, Gilbert voters will have the opportunity to invest in safer, more efficient roads and infrastructure. 

After more than a year of work by the Gilbert Citizens Transportation Task Force, the Town Council took their suggestions and referred a significant upgrade to Gilbert’s transportation infrastructure to the ballot. 

This plan considered our Town’s present and future needs, planning for growth while keeping it small enough to be funded within our current tax rate, saving hard-earned Gilbert taxpayer dollars.

 We are proud to serve as Co-Chairs of the Yes on Question 1 Committee because we know that your YES vote will bring us safer and better roads without raising your property tax rate. 

Gilbert is one of Arizona’s fastest-growing municipalities. As Gilbert grows, critical infrastructure improvements are required to ensure that residents and their families can move freely and safely through the Town.

 The citizen task force spent many hours studying the infrastructure needs, collected public input and feedback, and looked at expert advice to provide an excellent infrastructure package to help keep Gilbert a safe place to travel and move around freely and efficiently. 

This plan prepares Gilbert for the next 15 plus years of growth. You can see an interactive map of planned projects at YesonGilbert1.com. 

This collaborative, community process of putting together a plan for Gilbert focuses on the critical needs for our future.

 Safe roads, short commute times, intelligent new ways of delivering infrastructure were all considered in putting this together. Investing now in Gilbert’s critical needs will allow us to be a community where we are proud to live, work, recreate, and raise our families. Infrastructure is multi-generational. Enhancing our transportation system will create jobs, improve our quality of life, and enable prosperity.

In a recent survey of Gilbert residents, 69 percent of Gilbert residents believe that the time is now to invest in infrastructure. Would you please join us in voting YES on Gilbert Question 1? 

Vice Mayor Yung Koprowski and Councilwoman Kathy Tilque co-chair the Yes for Safe and Efficient Gilbert Roads Committee.