Bus Obayomi

Bus Obayomi

In 2018, I had a passion for starting an event that would bring people from all backgrounds and churches together. That was where my heart was. It is called "building bridges."

I felt the church had a responsibility to lead the conversation in bringing people together. I also thought that I had a strategic role to play.

 As someone with a Nigerian background who moved to the United States at the age of 14, my experience had been mixed and diverse. I have been part of a predominantly African-American church, predominantly African church, mostly white church and multi-cultural church.

The exciting part is that I was always an active member. This experience is not because I was jumping from church to church, but because I have had to transition from one State to another and various other changes.

I felt my experiences were significant, and I had a role to play. I started "building bridges" because it was an avenue to bring those churches together that will not initially connect. I sent an invitation to various churches, including Korean, Chinese, Hispanic churches.

Many of the attendees were from the predominantly African-American church and members from my local church in Gilbert then. I appreciate and honor Evident Life that they allowed using the church for such an event.

It was a passion of mine to engage the cultures and communities around me. I believe we all have our experiences, but we also have a responsibility to join our neighbors.

As someone who moved to Gilbert because I found a church I loved, I felt the church had to lead in these conversations and see things through the heart of Christ. If we do not engage in these conversations, I do believe we would grow into irrelevancy in such matters.

Outside of church, I am the founder and principal consultant of New Zeal Intl. Consulting. The goal of starting new zeal if to equip business and individuals with skills and opportunities.  I do think the current chaos in our society is an undercurrent of economic disparity. 

As Gilbert residents, we have a responsibility to know our neighbors and build relationships with them. We also have a responsibility to make an influence in every sphere of influence we find ourselves.

Conversations only start when we begin to care about others around us.  As your councilman, I will make it a priority that Gilbert is a home for every individuals and family.

Together, let us move Gilbert forward. See voteobayomi.com.