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Republicans should stop attack on ACC 

My son Anthony was born with a congenital heart defect severe enough that at just six weeks old doctors performed a heart transplant.

 He developed blood clots in his legs and arms, forcing doctors to amputate part of his right foot and most of his fingers. He’s 4 and facing a lifetime of expensive procedures.

Because of Anthony, I pay close attention to what elected leaders say and do when it comes to health care. And since Martha McSally was elected to Congress, she’s told Arizonans that she’s looking out for people like Anthony.

But she’s voted against them at every turn. And she’s not alone.

Since they were elected, President Donald Trump and Gov. Doug Ducey have, like Senator McSally, made it a priority to roll back the health care needs of Arizona families like mine. 

And President Trump’s recent appearance in Arizona is just another example of how wrong their priorities are when it comes to our health care.

Trump came to Arizona to tour a mask factory and slap our governor on the back for lifting our state’s stay-at-home order. That same day, Arizona announced its highest increase in COVID cases since the outbreak began. Senator McSally was there too, also endorsing a strategy that is going to harm Arizonans, specifically those like my son who have a pre-existing condition.

Senator McSally’s appearance with Trump brought to mind the three-year anniversary this week of her rallying her Republican colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives to vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which according to the Congressional Budget Office, would have forced 23 million people off of their insurance.

 Fortunately, her repeal bill was defeated by a “no” vote from our late Senator John McCain. 

The day the House repeal bill passed, Senator McSally publicly celebrated her repeal vote, cheering and applauding the effort to take away protections from my son and so many Arizonans.

While the ACA survived that vote, the U.S. Supreme Court in the coming months will rule on the law and determine whether Anthony will be able to continue to benefit from the protections it provides.

 But that ruling could also mean that we go back to the days when Anthony could be denied coverage. Senator McSally supports this lawsuit, for reasons I cannot possibly understand.

As Arizona opens back up, we need our leaders to be transparent about the ongoing risk of coronavirus, especially since those with pre-existing conditions are at higher risk.

 And we need Republicans to drop their support of the ACA repeal lawsuit and to stop trying to repeal the law that is saving lives.

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that health care is more important than ever. It’s time for Senator McSally to protect Arizonans’ care and start telling the truth about her record.

-Steve Gomez