Tyler Hudgins

Tyler Hudgins

At 22 years old, I had a desk, a computer and a dream.

It was the biggest risk I have taken in my entire life. I left my job, started a small business and signed on my first home – all in the same day.

My desk at times felt like a rollercoaster with all of the highs and lows I experienced while sitting behind it. I worked very hard and moved through many challenges.

This is the story of many small business owners. We start with a dream and place all of our chips on the table. We wear many hats, solve unique problems, and earn everything we get.

Nothing is handed to us.

Seven years of experience in running my small business is a big part of why I am running. We need leadership that has been in the trenches.

Everyone has a background that will shape the way that they discern issues and ultimately vote – mine is small business.

I know what it means to run payroll and manage expenses.

Some of my top priorities will be to increase economic development, support small business, and bring jobs to Gilbert. Small businesses are collectively the biggest drivers of our economy.

Currently, many residents have to commute two hours each day to work.

 What would happen if they could commute within the town? What could they do with an extra two hours each day?

Perhaps residents could spend more time with family, friends, and neighbors and be more invested in the community through volunteering. They could also have lunch meetings in Gilbert to support local businesses and spend their tax money locally.

Many entrepreneurs invest deeply in their communities. When I opened SocialTech Consulting in downtown Gilbert, I did not only want to serve my clients but also wanted to serve those around me.

 My desire to be involved led me to apply for a position on the Redevelopment Commission for downtown Gilbert.

In my interview with Mayor Jenn Daniels and the Town Council, I expressed that we had an oversaturation of restaurants in the downtown and needed more retail and office. This would give residents the opportunity to do more than just eat and leave.

I was appointed to a four-year term and served as chairman for two years. During that time, our commission had to pass the updated 10-year Redevelopment Plan.

I am happy to say that the plan addresses these issues. Our vision brings retail and office space to the downtown.

The Redevelopment Plan was adopted by the Town Council and serves as a guiding vision for the area. When elected, I will make sure that we see the full implementation of the Plan.

It has been difficult to hear the stories of many fellow small business owners that are having to take steps backwards or are closing their doors. Now more than ever, we need leaders that understand what small business owners are facing.

I will be the voice for small business on the Town Council.