How to handle common parenting challenges

The situations are all-too familiar. The teenager who refuses to get out of bed. The middle-school daughter who rages when it’s time to shut off her phone. The 6-year-old who screams when she’s refused a new toy, and the pre-teen who punches the wall when his parents won’t allow video games until his homework is done.

These kids are holding their parents hostage. Today’s moms and dads face a constant onslaught of demands, from home and work responsibilities to school projects and extracurricular schedules. 

Many simply don’t have the energy to battle their children. They give in to their kids’ demands – and make few demands of their own – in favor of momentary peace. 

This is e...

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Integrated care is critical to overall health

When you go to the doctor, you’re putting your trust and care in the capable hands of highly educated professionals that specialize in making people better. 

However, many illnesses and healthcare issues can’t be detected with blood work and X-rays. While we want to get better and know why we’re suffering, many people overlook the role mental health plays in our overall physical condition. 

 According to the World Health Organization, people who suffer from mental health issues die earlier than the average person. They die from untreated and often preventable illnesses like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes – which are often accompanied by poor habits such as lack of exercise and poor ...

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Redefining the Arizona and American shopping center

Shopping centers can and will thrive in the “Age of Amazon” as long as they continue to innovate.

 That word has been our guidepost since our Phoenix-based company started developing retail centers over 30 years ago. Now, we are innovating again. We have initiated a pilot program we believe will help enhance the American shopping center.

 Thanks to a recent change in state law, Desert Ridge Marketplace, and soon Tempe Marketplace, will allow shoppers 21 and older to purchase beer, wine or cocktails from a designated bar and stroll throughout the centers with the beverage in hand.  

The idea is to make the most of the terrific public spaces within our shopping centers, allowing ...

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You’ll be happier living your gifts, not your dreams

Most times when you go to a concert, it’s the music you remember. With that said, it’s been a month since I saw Post Malone play Glendale and still find myself pondering his parting message to his fans. 

I’ll have to paraphrase a bit, since the hip-hop pop-rapper favors saltier language than my editors will allow.

The gist: “Do what you want! Don’t let anybody tell you you can’t do $#*ing something or tell you what you can $#*ing be. Live your $#*ing dreams.”

Given that “Posty,” born Austin Richard Post, owns the top-ranked album of 2019 with “Hollywood’s Bleeding” and that his music has been streamed more than 6.5 billion times this year on Spotify, this philosophy appears to ...

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A gift to a nonprofit is an investment

It’s the time of year when gift-giving is driven more by motivation than obligation.

Beyond the heart-warming celebratory gatherings of friends and family, it’s the time of year when nonprofit organizations reach out to supporters and donors – current, past and new – to consider a year-end gift, or investment, in agencies doing so much good work in communities large and small.

A year ago, the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits led an effort to enact a new law in Arizona allowing taxpayers to continue to deduct donations to nonprofit organizations even if they don’t itemize their tax returns.  

This legislation was needed because changes to federal tax laws nearly doubled the federa...

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