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Gilbert home prices rose 69% in two years

The average sale price of a single-family house in Gilbert has increased 69% in two years and while home prices likely will continue to rise, mortgage rates and an apparent cooling in demand may spell trouble ahead for sellers, a leading Valley housing analyst said last week.

Gilbert was not alone in seeing such a staggering increase in average sale prices among 17 Valley cities that the Cromford Report routinely monitors: 12 of the 17 cities saw the average sale price jump by at least 60% between the 17th week of 2020 and the 17th week of 2022. The average sale price of a Gilbert home rose from $413,047 to $696,128 in that time, it said.

Valley-wide, the Cromford Report reported that over the past six weeks, “active listi...

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Opinion: Bond vote a path to safer, more efficient infrastructure

This month, Gilbert voters will have the opportunity to invest in safer, more efficient roads and infrastructure. 

After more than a year of work by the Gilbert Citizens Transportation Task Force, the Town Council took their suggestions and referred a significant upgrade to Gilbert’s transportation infrastructure to the ballot. 

This plan considered our Town’s present and future needs, planning for growth while keeping it small enough to be funded within our current tax rate, saving hard-earned Gilbert taxpayer dollars.

 We are proud to serve as Co-Chairs of the Yes on Question 1 Committee because we know that your YES vote will bring us safer and better roads without raisi...

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Legislature’s unconscionable attack on voters

John McCain would be ashamed of some things going on at the Arizona Legislature – actions being taken in the name of addressing alleged election fraud.

The traditional, good faith practices of finding better candidates and developing better policies and ideas to appeal to more voters are being cast aside for a dispiriting, anti-democratic effort to pass laws that hinder – rather than promote – voter participation.

The Arizona Citizens’ Clean Elections Commission is a nonpartisan organization created by voters more than two decades ago when they passed the Citizens Clean Elections Act in 1998.

In passing the act, the voters identified two critical concepts. First, the intent...

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Should a billionaire run Arizona’s elections?

How many Arizonans like the idea of one billionaire family manipulating the way Arizona county election offices operate? 

That’s an unpopular idea for people across the political spectrum, especially when the billionaire is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, whose controversial actions make him distrusted by Left and Right.

Yet that’s what happened last November, in Arizona and dozens of other states. Zuckerberg and his wife gave $350 million to a supposedly “nonpartisan” nonprofit, the Center for Tech and Civic Life, which in turn re-granted the money to thousands of local government election offices across America, including nine of Arizona’s 15 counties.

Details aren’t easy t...

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Yearning for the energy that only a crowd can provide

It was Tuesday afternoon and work got too heavy. A break was called for, mindless diversion. My thoughts turned to an old favorite: A matinee movie. Ninety minutes of popcorn, soda and cinema. This sounded like exactly the ticket.

I could not have been more wrong.

It was not the film that failed – it was obvious going in that this action flick would earn no Oscars.

It was the experience: A solitary man armed with a mask, hand sanitizer and enough Clorox wipes to disinfect Congress, seated alone in an auditorium built for 300 humans.

 I dozed off through gunfire and explosions. I lost what plot there was. My mind pinballed before hitting on a realization.

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Developmental disabilities rate vaccine priority

Every week, the United States meets another COVID milestone, for example registering more COVID-19 cases in a single day than ever before in the early parts of January. With the hope of a new start at a new year, it seems clear that the coronavirus has also made a new year’s resolution to persevere with a vengeance and stick around and mutate. 

Many of us hold a sense of optimism around a miracle vaccine that could provide some gleaming hope for our communities. 

Yet, the actual implementation of vaccinations seems not only to be slow moving, but also to be overlooking populations in our society who should – but are not – recognized as a priority. One of these groups are people who have int...

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