gilbert logo

Upon second review. Town Council has decided that the town’s new logo, which replaces the one on the right, needs some work.

Council is having second thoughts about a logo it recently approved for the town and is looking at possibly retweaking it.

Council approved the G-shaped logo abstract in the colors of pink, orange and navy blue during a special meeting Oct. 28

“We found that after further discussion and evaluation of the Gilbert rebranding project, we’re working with the Office of Digital Government to review the new brand,” Mayor Scott Anderson announced at last week’s Council meeting. 

“We have three council members who have volunteered to be involved, employees and other stakeholders to evaluate potential adjustments prior to a public launch.”

 The town began working on its rebranding project two years ago and intended to introduce it to the community during the town’s centennial celebration in July. The pandemic, however, delayed the logo’s unveiling until October, when staff presented it to Council.

Staff told Council in October the abstract “G” showcased the town’s vibrancy, character, diversity and how the community comes together to shape the future. Along with the logo came the tagline, “shaping a new tomorrow, today.”

Councilman Scott September wasn’t impressed and cast the sole vote against it last month. 

He didn’t think the logo was effective in conveying the message staff presented and he expressed disappointment with the lack of council input during the process.

During the re-look, September and councilwomen Kathy Tilque and Aimee Yentes will be giving their feedback.

Anderson anticipated Council will bring the logo back for consideration at the Dec. 15 meeting.

Some members of the public weren’t too impressed with the new logo, either.

“Looks like a Gilbert voter projectile vomiting,” wrote one person on social media.

Another wrote, “Not loving it” and still another posted, “Lacking substance, creativity and wow for such a special town.”

Town Manager Patrick Banger in the October meeting informed the Council there would be minimal cost to implement a new logo as it would be placed on materials and supplies as they are ordered and most of it will be in a digital format.

Staff at the time said the town will initially put a few new signs in the Heritage District with the new logo and then more as signs need to be replaced.

 The town’s current logo is a swirl, which Anderson helped designed when he worked for the town until he retired.