Police DUI Checkpoint

In March, five East Valley mailboxes – four in Mesa, one on E. Sherri Drive in Gilbert – were blown apart.

Police said what sounded like a teen prank was the malicious work of a 30-year-old transient with a long record.

According to the police report, “March 12 and March 15 of 2021, five incidents were reported to the Mesa and Gilbert police regarding the destruction of mailboxes via an unknown explosive device.” 

Mesa police came up with a likely suspect: John David Janecek. At the time of his arrest, police said, Janecek was in possession of methamphetamine and Psilocybin (also known as “psychedelic mushrooms”).

 “Janecek denied destroying the mailboxes but did admit he had been in possession of ‘materials’ that he believed he should not have been and so had them destroyed. Janecek advised he would not blow up mailboxes,” police said.

 Janecek began to make incriminating statements about blowing up the mailboxes but then stopped short and corrected himself.

After receiving a search warrant, police went through Janecek’s Facebook page and found a message he sent to a friend: “You sure have seen a lot of mailboxes disappearing.” 

Later, Janecek “admitted to blowing up several mailboxes” and said he had paid the owner of one blown-up box $30 and apologized to him. 

“Janecek advised he had wanted to apologize to the owners of the other mailboxes,” police reported.