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A mayoral candidate in Gilbert has proposed a plan to help revive town businesses hammered by the pandemic.

Lynne King Smith’s “Gilbert Together” plan takes a phased approach that also includes recommendations on how to help residents’ mental and physical health resulting from the crisis.

“I know that as a community we can come together, and come out of this stronger, but it will require strong leadership that inspires creativity and innovation and brings Gilbert together,” King Smith said.

Other candidates running for the mayor’s post in the August primary are Brigette Peterson, Gary Livacari and Matt Nielsen.

King Smith, a businesswoman, said the federal aid is temporary and that long-term economic recovery will require local and regional coordinated efforts to help businesses and people regain their economic footing. 

Her suggestions for businesses include creating teams of workers that would be on duty on alternative days and or shifts to allow for safe distancing at work stations; letting at-risk employees telecommute; having bar and restaurant make servers wear masks and gloves and adjust hours to allow for increased disinfection procedures; and reducing restaurant seating to enable physical distancing. 

King Smith said the overall recovery plan also needs to include resources such as on-site counseling and opportunities for rest and meditation during work hours for employees’ mental well-being.To read the full plan: