Apartment buildings plot

Apartment buildings will be the first structures to emerge on the 148-acre mixed-use development on the southeast corner of Higley and Warner roads.

A 148-acre mixed-used project that will see apartments go up first at the southeast corner of Higley and Warner roads is making progress.

The Planning Commission earlier this month without comment approved the infrastructure plat for the Gabriella Pointe Commerce Center – which includes all the roads, entry monuments and some landscaping that are moving forward immediately. 

Gabriella Pointe comprises four parcels, two owned by the Frankel Family Trust and two by Michelon Family AZ Land, which originally owned the entire site.

“The first vertical project is going to be the Frankel Family Trust’s,” said Greg Davis of IPlan Consulting, which represents Michelon Family AZ Land. “They’re getting ready to submit site plans in the next 30 to 60 days.”

Davis said the multifamily units won’t begin construction until another year or so.

The remaining two parcels are zoned for a business park and regional commercial and currently there are no users for the two, Davis said.

Town Council in December 2018 approved changing the land uses on the 148-acre site to 56.4 acres for regional commercial uses, 57.5 acres for a business park and 39 acres for residential.

The project’s estimated financial impact at build out to the community was anticipated at $2.7 million with residents spending estimated at about $1.3 million annually, according to a 2018 report by IPlan Consulting.

The plan proposes 390 multifamily units at 20 units per gross acre and 215 multifamily units at a density of 11 units per gross acre, according to the report.

It was anticipated each unit will house 2.3 to 2.5 people with an occupancy rate of 92 percent. The average monthly lease rate for the units was proposed to range from $1,550 to $1,850, the report said.

The residences will provide a diversity of housing for Gilbert and help support the planned retail, project leaders say. 

Children from those residences will attend Higley Unified campuses.

The report also predicted that the regional commercial and business park uses will generate 2,390 jobs when built out.

The plat approved by the Planning Commission calls for two main accesses to the location at Higley Road and at Warner Road. 

The infrastructure plat included a number of road improvements and the establishment of the entry monuments at the northeast corner of the Higley Road entrance and southwest corner of the Warner Road entrance.  

The entry monuments will be a combination of stone veneer and travertine plank base and incorporate a 12-foot-tall tower with a faux window and shutters and a tile roof, according to a town planning report.

The site is located along the Santan Loop 202 Freeway and is within 5 miles of Arizona State University’s Polytechnic Campus and the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.