Mesa metal band

Bassist Brandon Bentley, vocalist Jared Harper, drummer Devin Bowers and guitarist Marc Rosenfeld all attended Mountain View High School and are set to make their hometown debut with their band, Bury The Darkness, on Aug. 12. (Hannah Left Wright Photo) 

The Mesa metal band Bury The Darkness has been pretty busy these days. 

Band members – all Mountain View High School alumni – spent their free time between full-time jobs rehearsing recording four new songs and working on the launch of a clothing brand — all of which the band plans to unveil when it hits the stage at the Rebel Lounge on Aug. 12. 

“It’s going to be our grand unveiling. We’ve been quiet in terms of releases and everything like that since April of 2021 but the work has not stopped every single day,” said guitarist Marc Rosenfeld.

“We’ve been working,” he said. “We’ve made insane connections with local musicians and we have been in the studio every single weekend because we all work full-time jobs. Every day off has been spent somehow working on the band or the clothing brand.”

The band also has cruised around the Valley marketing itself the old-fashioned way by putting up posters and dropping off physical tickets to fans for the Aug. 12 gig. 

Rosenfeld sees it all as a way to achieve his and bassist Brandon Bentley’s lifelong dreams. 

“We want to do this for our jobs,” added Brantley, who met Rosenfeld at Mountain View and graduated from Arizona State University last year. “I went to college; I worked that nine to five office job and hated my life. So, I’m just putting in all the work I can to make it where I never have to go back to that.”

Because of this, the band sees its first hometown show as the time to go all-in on its new music and clothing line. 

“Our brand-new clothing line Burned Alive clothing is going to be announced at that show and we’re going to have three different shirts on sale,” Rosenfeld said. “Just like the band, It’s a melting pot of things we like, like heavy culture, alternative culture, music and streetwear with a little splash of like, extreme sports as well — since I used to skateboard when I was younger.” 

In addition to launching a clothing line that Rosenfeld and Brantley have been working on since devising the idea over breakfast on New Year’s Eve of 2021, the band is anxious to give fans a tease of its upcoming four-song EP.

It will include the upcoming single titled “Suffocate” – which Rosenfeld says is one of the bands heavier songs and could hit the airwaves as early as September. 

“’Suffocate’ is going to be our next single and we have a music video that we just shot with Lance Gergar — a Phoenix-based cinematographer,” Rosenfeld said. “It’s going to be a really good metalcore song that has everything fans like; heavy, intense verses,  these nice clean choruses and a heavy break-down.” 

Rosenfeld has been counting down the days until he can jump on stage and play the songs that he and his band have devoted every second of free time writing and recording. 

“Every day I dream about it,” Rosenfeld said. “I keep thinking that this is going to be our biggest show to date.” 

He said his game plan for the gig is to keep his head down and remember that feeling anxious is a good thing sometimes. 

“Someone told me before, ‘What you should do in those high-pressure moments when you’re about to walk out to a sold-out crowd is just put your head down and go to work,” Rosenfeld said. “They also told me it’s good to feel anxious because that means you’re doing something that you care about.”

Although Rosenfeld is beaming with excitement about giving Phoenix a taste of what the Mesa-based metal outfit is all about, he hopes that those in attendance will share in his excitement. 

“We want everyone in there to just have a good time,” Rosenfeld said. “What we love about metal music is everyone has their things going on, but when you come in to see a concert, you’re all there together for your love of music, all those problems get left at the door and you’re just immersed in the show for however long it is.”