Jonas Brothers Gilbert

"Fans jumped along with the brothers as they ran around the stage to wave to as many fans as possible."

The Jonas Brothers threw an electrifying pop party at Talking Stick Resort Arena in October as they transported their fans from a retro carnival to the year 3000.

And the fun continues Tuesday, Dece. 10, at Talking Stick Resort Arena.

Before brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick took the stage for their Happiness Begins Tour in Phoenix, an intro video played on curved, three-panel screens across the back of the stage.

 Each brother walked through a doorway to travel back in time and transform into his childhood self. As the three children wandered through an abandoned carnival, the three brothers floated down onto the stage with a burst of fireworks going off behind them. 

Keeping with the carnival theme, the Jonas Brothers began the show performing “Rollercoaster” off their latest album “Happiness Beings.” Each brother looked sharp in a monochromatic suit. The deafening sound of screaming fans set the energetic tone for the rest of the night. 

The brothers slid effortlessly into their first throwback song of the night, “S.O.S.” from “The Jonas Brothers.” The crowd didn’t miss a beat and continued to belt out the decades-old lyrics.

 For the next song “Cool,” which was their second single off their latest album, Nick joined Kevin on guitar and jammed out on a sleek, forest green instrument. 

After belting out hits including “Only Human” and “Strangers” off their latest album, Nick and Joe, followed by Kevin on guitar, ran down a path through the middle of the arena to perform on a stage in the back. 

Joe slowed the pace down and sang “Hesitate” from “Happiness Begins,” which is a song he wrote for his wife Sophie Turner. The circular stage spun and rose in the air as the brothers performed the gentle ballad.

Back on the main stage, Nick grabbed the spotlight where he sang “Jealous” off his solo album “Nick Jonas.” He showed off his vocal range during the steamy pop song when he hit every high note in the chorus.

Joe didn’t let his younger brother steal the spotlight for too long. He quickly jumped onto the stage and yelled, “I know you came to party, I was born in Arizona.” 

Joe was referring to Casa Grande, which is where he was born. Cylindrical inflatables popped up around the stadium along with a flurry of confetti as Joe belted out “Cake by the Ocean” from his DNCE days.

As the show progressed, so did the brothers’ relationships with their younger selves on the big screen. Three videos played throughout the concert, with each brother reuniting with their childhood self. 

Kevin finished off the mini-series when he met his younger self in a forest. Fans screamed when they saw he was with his two daughters, Valentina and Alena Jonas, in the video.

At the end of the concert, fans saw the brothers coming together with their childhood selves in tow at the abandoned theme park. The video shows each brother having a blast riding a rollercoaster with their younger self.

For the encore, the Jonas Brothers turned up the heat—literally. While they sang “Burnin’ Up” from “A Little Bit Longer,” giant flames shot up from the stage, warming up the already sweaty attendees. Fans jumped along with the brothers as they ran around the stage to wave to as many fans as possible. 

The Jonas Brothers threw a vibrant party filled with snappy visuals and sparkling special effects.

 The setlist let their new songs shine without leaving any of their old classics like “Lovebug” from “A Little Bit Longer” and “Year 3000” from “It’s About Time” in the dust. The concert solidified their successful comeback and left fans excited to see what’s next for the pop trio.