KinderPrep Sossaman  Early Child Development Center

Logan Valek, a KinderPrep student at Sossaman  Early Child Development Center, donned goggles or his rock study.

KinderPrep students in Lisa Sharr’s Sossaman Early Childhood Development Center took a recent geology lesson to the next level. 

Students were able to observe, experiment, sort, classify and think like a geologist thanks to the creative lesson Sharr designed. 

“The kids absolutely loved our Geology unit, I think mostly because it was so hands-on!” she said. “We learned about the three different rock types; igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.  While in the geology lab, we were able to explore and investigate hundreds of different rocks.” 

Using muffin pans, student sorted the rock samples by size, color, shape, texture, and type. The young students also used several scientific tools while in the lab, including jumbo tweezers to hold the rocks, jumbo eyedroppers and brushes. Students used their math, science and fine motor skills all at once, she said. 

“I also provided our geologists with an official clipboard, paper and writing tools so they could record their observations. We had several rocks that were cut into thin slices for us to observe using our light table as well. During this unit we were also able to take on some pretty amazing experiments,” Sharr added. 

Students used eggshells and household items, such as Epsom salt, to create geodes and crystals. 

“My favorite part of this entire unit was when the children would go home and take their parents rock exploring through their neighborhoods and teach their parents about the different types of rocks they had learned about in class,” Sharr said.  

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