Campo Verde High Class of 2020 graduate Nickolas Henderson

Campo Verde High Class of 2020 graduate Nickolas Henderson has exchanged football for singing and has released his first song.

Newly minted Campo Verde High School alumnus Nickolas Henderson has exchanged playing football with writing songs. 

It a natural transition as the 18-year-old Gilbert teen grew up singing around the house.

“The thing that inspired me to write it was all my friends and family saying how I should start making music and now that we were in quarantine and I no longer had to train for football, I felt this was the best time in my life to start it,” Henderson said. 

He has uploaded his first completed song, “Day and Night,” to SoundCloud and YouTube. The first line of the chorus goes: “Girl if you wanna know, you make me feel at home.” 

“’Day and Night’ is about that feeling you get with a girl when you are really close to her, that you just want to be with her day and night,” Henderson said. “It is also about how, when you are with that girl, she makes you feel at home, and home, to me, is feeling safe and sound.”

Henderson has written parts of songs before but never got the chance to complete them. This time, his producer friend, Joel Brooks, who has set up a music recording studio at home, helped him.

“He mixed it, put beats, and he helped me finish everything,” he said. “It’s really cool. I didn’t know how to put it all together and it was cool to kind of tell the story with the song.”

Now Henderson is working on a music video to bring the song to life as well as some new songs for an extended record.

“A couple of the songs will be about girls because I just feel that it’s the easiest topic to write about,” he said. “Also, I want to write about high school: my football memories, and high school memories and how it ended with quarantine, like a memory song.”

Now that he’s graduated, he’s unable to meet his friends, four years of playing football at school now a memory. 

“I miss my school friends; I got really close to a lot of them from football, playing football at Campo for four years of my life is some of the best moments ever,” he said.

Henderson didn’t mind the unusual video format for his graduation, which included a hologram that made it seem like the was giving him his diploma. 

“I thought it was pretty cool. I know some people are mad about not having a day-long graduation. I didn’t really care. It didn’t bother me,” he said.

Now, he’s looking to the future, stating, “I’m just ready to enjoy the new things in life.”

In the fall, he plans to attend Mesa Community College and transfer to Arizona State University in two years. At school, his favorite subject was criminal justice, but in college he plans to study for a degree in finance.

 “My major will be finance because I love stocks and it is very interesting to me,” he said.

Quarantining was easier to cope with because of his loving and supportive family and his pastimes such as running, skateboarding and teaching himself the guitar, he said. 

“I’m very close to my family. I hang out with my family all the time. They always motivated me, either when I was playing football or making music,” he said. “They listen to my songs all the time, which is very cool.”

That will help because there will be more songs in the air in the Henderson household as the teen creates his new melodies. 

“When I go for something, I just like to go a hundred percent. My mind’s very entrepreneurial. I think of business ideas and different ways to get stuff done. It works for music, too, because I think about marketing my songs,” he said.

Currently, he offers giveaways for reposting Day and Night.

“Hopefully, the song will take off and I can put more time towards that,” he said.  

Listen to Nick Henderson’s song at