Sterling Alexander of Gilbert

Sterling Alexander of Gilbert performed “History” for the crowd that gathered at the Night of Hope gathering in Chandler last month.

Sterling Alexander, 30, Gilbert pop singer says people are constantly comparing his music to Neo and Chris Brown, but the solo artist would prefer to share the same vibes as his music idols –Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars and Post Malone. 

Alexander got started singing in high school during a production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Weber creation.

 “It’s singing only. There are no lines. So, to audition, I had to sing,” Alexander recalled. 

Before that, he joked, he had never sung before outside of a shower. “Until I did my solo song, nobody thought I was a singer,” Alexander explained. 

He said the performance surprised his community in Abilene, Texas, and prompted him to consider singing more. 

In college, Alexander pursued classical voice training in Los Angeles at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Within a year of graduating, he was working in theatre production when he was asked if he could sing. 

“My friend Bryan talked to me about a band project. The idea behind it was to create a multicultural boyband,” Alexander said. 

His contribution to the team would be to represent the African American culture.

 “We were called ‘Reign,’” he offered, describing the instability and pressure to find a record label. “We performed for Universal Music Group and Warner Bros. Music… but it didn’t work out.”

After the glitz of the L.A. lifestyle worn off, Alexander relocated to Gilbert, where he started songwriting, playing the acoustic guitar and the piano and looking for ways to improve on his talent.

 A friend in Nashville continued to encourage him to not let go of his dream. 

“He believed I had what it would take to succeed as a recording artist,” Alexander said. “I picked up a book called Writing Better Lyrics (Pat Pattison), studied hard, worked hard and wrote some horrible songs.” 

But he dusted off his shoulders and started over again. With the help of a musician connection made at a Chandler church, Alexander started learning how to compose and produce songs with better beats. 

The new recordings caught the attention of a producer he was affiliated with back in L.A. This led to him getting “linked up” with a mentor from Sony Music.

 “With his expert guidance, I completed my first single, ‘History’,” released in 2018. He’s released three songs since then and is currently seeking an agent or manager to assist with producing a full CD.

Alexander attributes his recent growth to being connected to people who saw past his limits and pointed out his potential. 

“Continuing to push,” and be pushed by those who are in the business, has taken the artist further than waiting for a lucky strike.

 When asked what advice he’d give to a young and hopeful artist in the community, he offered, “In the digital media age, the world is [yours]. Continue to put your work out there on social media and become an expert on what you do [that is unique]. From there, anything can happen.”

Alexander’s new singles are being rolled out on a regular basis. “Invisible” in November of 2019, “Done” in December and another song is coming out in March.

 His music is easy to find on Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music. Listeners can subscribe now to his Instagram account @sterling_alexander for updates on the new release, or to follow his journey and be encouraged along their own.