Eastmark resident and Gilbert High grad Kylie Digges

Eastmark resident and Gilbert High grad Kylie Digges has written a book chock full of 600 questions for fans of the TV series “Friends.” She’s not done, either with her brain-teasing books. She’s finishing on on the HBO series “Sex and the City.”

If you don’t know who Joey, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross and Monica are, you probably have never met Kylie Digges.

The Eastmark resident and Gilbert native knows more about the central sextet of characters from the long-running TV series “Friends” than you could ever imagine.

 Digges, whose fulltime job is the editor of ASU Now as part of her work on the Arizona State University media relations team, has written a trivia book about the series loaded with 600 questions that will test the mettle of even the most binge-worthy fan of the show.

Which is something when you consider that Digges, 38, was only 13 when “Friends” debuted.

For the uninitiated, “Friends” followed the antics of the six residents of the same Manhattan complex in half-hour weekly segments for a decade as they went through their 20s and a good chunk of their 30s.

Romance, heartbreak and just the challenges of life in the Big Apple were underlying themes, though Digges likely would argue there are far more.

The Gilbert High grad, who arrived in Arizona from Minnesota with her family the year before “Friends” started its impressive run, finished the trivia book in about five months and considers it both a cultural achievement and a bit of a bragging right.

“’Friends’” is my all-time favorite TV show,” she explained. “Then my younger brother, Trent, and I often play ‘Friends’-themed trivia nights and we usually win by a fair margin, so I felt like I had an expert-level knowledge base on this show and it was a good place to start to write a trivia book of my own.”

Her 600-plus questions cover all 10 seasons, ranging from easy to difficult as the reader moves through the book. In between season-based sections are themed chapters with sets of questions about the show’s twosomes, sections covering its many romances, and quizzes about recurring themes.

“Each chapter ends with a ‘quotable’ where you have to finish a set of dialogue with the punchline,” Digges added. “And at the end, there are three expert-level quizzes for true die-hards.”

Digges said the show “was definitely appointment viewing for me.”

“Before TV shows on DVD were a thing, I taped the whole show, at the time six seasons, from syndication on VHS and then created dubbed versions with every episode in order to give to my family as Christmas gifts,” she said, adding:

“Alas, the DVD sets were released about a year after I completed that project. I have since purchased all 10 sets.”

She’s not shy about how much of her life has been consumed by watching the show, either, noting, “They say it take 1,000 hours to become an expert on something. With ‘Friends,’ I’m pretty sure I’m there.”

But she has her reasons, explaining “these characters and the dynamic of that cast were just lightning in a bottle, and the story of figuring yourself out in your 20s and 30s with the help of your chosen family – your friends – is so universal.”

“The main thing for me though is that the funny just holds up: the one-liners, the running gags, and especially the physical comedy, which I think doesn’t get enough credit. I’ve seen Ross try to get his leather pants back on a dozen or more times, and it’s never not funny,” Digges said.

The character she identifies the most with is the somewhat fussy Monica, explaining “I’m a perfectionist, a bit of a neat freak and I’m pretty competitive.”

The book, available on amazon.com or on Digges’ website,  brainwavetrivia.com.

She believes her book will “help spark lively game nights for people.”

“One of my favorite things to do is play trivia with my friends and family, so if this book is a tool for people to do that, I’m happy,” she said.

“I laughed a lot while writing this book, because the show is filled with so many hilarious moments and lines, and every question reminds you of those jokes. I hope it does that for other people as well.”

And you haven’t heard the last of Digges either.

She is hard at work on another trivia book about another popular dramedy, the HBO show “Sex and the City,” which is coming out in November. 

After that, she’s taking on “Scrubs.”