Gilbert Christian Schools

To celebrate the completion of the Gilbert Christian Schools robotics team’s cereal boxes, members create a domino track on the campus.

The Gilbert Christian Schools Robotics Team comprises a close-knit group of students who aren’t satisfied just to make robots – they want to give back to the community too.

And so recently, the team launched a cereal drive, according to outreach coordinator Grace Hoyle.

“When we heard how many food banks had been hit pretty hard because of the rise in unemployment, we wanted to help,” Grace explained.

“I reached out to the Harvest Compassion Center in Chandler, which is connected to my church – Christ Church – and was able to set the ball in motion for us to host the cereal drive,” she added.

The month-long drive culminated with the delivery of 724 boxes of cereal to Harvest Compassion Center.

Under the leadership of team president Hailey Murray, Grace and others, the team organized various campus events to whip up enthusiasm among students.

“We organized dress-down days at school, made announcements over the intercom, and asked teachers to offer extra credit if students brought in cereal,” she said, adding that the high school team also involved Gilbert Christian’s K-8 campus in the effort.

“To celebrate the end of our drive, we also made a domino track out of some of the cereal boxes,” she added.

The team consists of 20 members, including three freshmen, six sophomores, eight juniors and three seniors.