Evan Burks

Evan Burks

A Gilbert staffing company is working around the clock to get healthcare providers to the front lines of the battle to save the lives of COVID-19 patients. 

Since mid-March, AB Staffing Solutions at 3451 S. Mercy Road has sent over 200 registered nurses, physicians and respiratory therapists to areas hit hard by the coronavirus.

 “Our mission is to get providers where they are needed as quickly and efficiently as possible,” company President Evan Burks said. “We don’t have time to waste.” 

Since 2002, AB Staffing Solutions has been supplying travel nurses, physicians and allied health professionals to hospitals and clinics throughout the United States. Over the past five years the privately-held company, which employs 75 at its Gilbert headquarters based, has placed thousands of providers via a national database of 200,000 qualified healthcare professionals.

Burks said that before the pandemic, his company would typically see requests for labor and delivery registered nurses, medical surgical and telemetry RNs, family practice physicians and a variety of other healthcare specialties.

 Now they are getting urgent requests for “emergency room RNs, intensive care unit RNs, pulmonologists and respiratory therapists.”

Travel nurses and other providers typically work assignments for 13 weeks at locations throughout the country and around the globe. 

 COVID-19 Crisis Response healthcare providers are working shorter contracts, roughly two to eight weeks in length, at a higher pay scale.  Assignments include travel expense, lodging, per diems for food and other benefits. 

While the travel nursing industry has often appealed to individuals seeking adventure, the pandemic is now motivating healthcare workers who simply want to help, Burks said. 

“Providers are reaching out to us. They want to help by going directly into COVID-19 epicenters where they are needed the most during this pandemic,” he said. 

To get providers to destinations quickly, AB Staffing has worked actively to expedite the credentialing process that establishes the qualifications of licensed medical professionals and assesses their background and legitimacy. What would normally take weeks is now only taking the company days to complete. 

Once a crisis response position is filled, the company arranges travel and lodging. In some cases providers are asked to get on a plane the next day. 

“Some facilities are in such dire need that we have to act fast while making sure all healthcare providers are qualified and will provide quality care,” he said. 

Burks, a certified public accountant, joined the quickly growing staffing company in 2011. The Arizona State University graduate has been leading organizations at the executive level for over 30 years and is active in various nonprofit organizations, including the Arizona Healthcare Executives and Arizona Humanities. 

AB Staffing Solutions works extensively with federal healthcare facilities, including those operated by the V.A., Indian Health Services and the Department of Defense, as well as commercial hospitals.

 Recently, the company donated 20,000 KN95 masks to several of their Indian health and tribal clients in Arizona and other states due to the shortage of protective gear at many facilities.

 “Our goal is to create the best possible experience for our providers, assist healthcare facilities and also serve our communities,” Burks said. “We are here to help.” 

Information: abstaffing.com or 888-515-3900.