PNC Bank

PNC’s second brick-and-mortar location is in San Tan Village in Gilbert.

A longtime Pennsylvania bank has opened its second Arizona location in Gilbert.

PNC Bank’s new Solution Center at 2050 East Williams Field Road in San Tan Village “aims to evolve a typical bank experience” and offer interactions between customers and staff “in new and innovative ways,” according to a release.

One of more than 30 Solution Centers it has opened in the last few years, the Gilbert one will offer screen-mirroring capabilities from customers’ phones or tablets projected to large screens “for hands-on demonstrations of PNC apps or a guided digital experience.” It also will offer “workstations of the future that enable customers to interact with staff on tablets and mobile devices.

The bank also has conversational spaces with sofas, high-top kitchen tables and rounded tables to encourage “side-by-side conversations in a relaxed and comfortable setting,” the bank said.

ATMs are equipped with video to connect customers with a remote bank seven days a week. The self-service technology allows customers to bank at convenient while having access to a live banker for more complex transactions..    

PNC recently announced that next month it will raise its minimum pay rate from $15 to $18.

 The bank also launched “Project 257: Accelerating Women’s Financial Equality,” an initiative designed to “help close the 257-year economic gender gap and expand on PNC’s decades-long track record of supporting female financial decision makers.”

The World Economic Forum says it will take another 257 years for women to catch up to men from an economic perspective. “I don’t know anyone who thinks this is an acceptable timeline,” said Beth Marcello, director of PNC Women’s Business Development. “

The bank has partnered with SheEO, a global nonprofit that provides interest-free loans to businesses owned and led by individuals who identify as women or nonbinary and crowd-funds capital. PNC Bank’s three-year, $1.3 million commitment is the largest that SheEO has received from a U.S. company.