Close-up of stethoscope and folder on background of doctors at work

Phoenix Spine and Joint Gilbert has opened an orthopedic surgery center in the Rome Towers at 1760 E. Pecos Road. 

The newly renovated space includes $4 million in upgrades and equipment, four operating rooms and over 10,000 square feet of clinical space. 

Patients will be treated using the latest orthopedic technologies, such as robotic-assisted surgery.

“Since the pandemic began, patients are concerned about the safety of having surgery in a hospital; but they still want to get state of the art care they deserve,” said the medical director Dr. Dan Lieberman, MD. 

“People in Chandler and Gilbert can now get robotic assisted knee and hip replacement surgery on an outpatient basis at our new center,” he added, stating that robotic assistance makes joint replacement surgery more precise and personalized. 

During surgery, a robotic arm holds the drill, making the cuts necessary to seat the implants that are “400 percent more accurate than the best surgeon’s hands without robotic assistance,” he said.

 In addition, a computer model of the patient’s knee is generated during surgery and the implants, which balance the joint and create the best possible range of motion, are then selected.

“If you go online you will see horror stories of people who went through joint replacement surgery but still hurt,” said Lieberman. “Most of the time that’s because they have the wrong implants. There are millions of potential combinations of implants that go into making a joint replacement; it’s more than even the smartest orthopedic surgeon can do in their head. 

“Robotic assistance ensures you will get the best possible implants for your range of motion and that the cuts to place them are perfectly balanced and accurate.”

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