Teresa Robinson

Teresa Robinson is a nurse and the new owner of the Jabz Boxing fitness gym in Gilbert.

Registered nurse and mother of three Teresa Robinson has stepped into the ring with a new challenge: owning Jabz Boxing in Gilbert.  

Robinson took ownership of the boxing-inspired fitness center Jan. 26, and “it’s been such a fun ride so far,” she said.  

Robinson said she has been a member at Jabz for about three years and that the gym hosts “a tight-knit community.” 

Members enjoy an environment with “everyone just motivating, from the trainers, to the members, even the new people, everyone just motivating each other,” she added. 

Jabz Boxing offers “a full body circuit style workout, utilizing boxing inspired exercising,” and focuses on “developing fitness rather than fighters,” its website said.  

Robinson explained that Jabz classes are “personal training without that personal training price tag, because it’s smaller classes and you have a trainer with you at all the classes, so anything can be modified for you.” 

She took ownership of the gym in part because “I saw what Jabz did for me, and with my weight loss journey and just getting into that healthier lifestyle, I just wanted that for somebody else.” 

Since taking ownership, Robinson said she is always taking suggestions for how to improve the gym. 

 She said she has made some physical changes and upgrades, but mostly wants “to grow the business more than the size that it is now.”

Jabz member Candice Dogans said she is impressed with Robinson’s ability to “not only work to maintain what members were used to, but also really work to see what fresh additions she can bring.” 

Jabz fills “a special niche” in that anyone can train without worrying about “any kind of gender bias or things of that sort, but just really be able to get in and get a workout in and have community,” Dogans said. 

Robinson said Jabz offers an introductory offer of $10 for 10 consecutive days.

She said Jabz also has new member prices – including discounts for military, students, teachers, and healthcare workers – that make the price “range anywhere from $119 to $139” per month.  

Robinson lives in Queen Creek, Arizona, with her husband Derek, and three children Aiden, Cameron and Mason.  

She said her kids are “into sports, and they keep me busy and on my toes.” 

Not one to be knocked down by business ownership and motherhood alone, Robinson said she is also beginning to work as a registered nurse.  

Robinson earned her registered nurse license through Mesa Community College and graduated from Ottawa University in December 2020 with a bachelor of science in Nursing.  

Robinson said she was “a stay at home mom for 14 years,” and put her education on hold to raise her family.  

She derived an interest in nursing because her sister “was in and out of brain surgeries when she was younger.” 

Robinson said she was also interested in “what the nurses did for me” when she had her children.  

When her youngest son started kindergarten, Robinson said she went back to school and “got my credits enough to get into nursing school, got in right away, and it just went from there.” 

Juggling a nursing job, owning Jabz, and taking care of her children has “all balanced out so far,” Robinson said. 

 She added, “I have a great team of girls at Jabz helping me run things, so I think I’m ready for it all to come together and I think it’s gonna be great.”