Aldi discount grocery store

Aldi discount grocery store will open on Pecos Road in Gilbert toward the end of the year. This rendering shows what the chain expects the market will look live when it does.

The first of two discount-grocery stores proposed for Gilbert is set to open this fall, 

The first Aldi location is opening at 1801 Pecos Road in December, the company announced.

“We’re excited to welcome Aldi into our growing community and market,” former Mayor Jenn Daniels said. “Through their long history of success, we know they’ll become a successful part of the Gilbert business community.”

The no-frills German chain, popular in the Midwest, was approved for two stores in Gilbert back in 2018. The other location is at the southeast corner of Arizona Avenue and Desert Lane. The town referred questions regarding the status of that location to the company.

“We will be sure to let you know of future Arizona expansion plans and store locations, once available,” said Tom Cindel, Moreno Valley Group director of operations and logistics for ALDI when asked for the timeline for the Arizona Avenue location. 

“Arizona is an exciting next step in our continued West Coast expansion after our success entering California in 2016,” he added. “We look at many factors in choosing new store locations, including proximity to our shoppers and ability to support a high daily traffic volume. Bottom line, we want to be conveniently located for our customers and the Arizona locations were a natural fit.” 

Aldi is debuting three other Valley locations by the end of the year – Chandler, Peoria and Goodyear.

The four new stores will create a combined 90 new jobs. ALDI is currently hiring for these positions, ranging from store associates to store managers. Those interested in applying can go to

“This expansion is part of a multi-year growth plan that will make ALDI the third-largest grocery retailer by store count by the end of 2022,” Cindel said. “This pandemic has reinforced how much consumers rely on us to provide the foods and items they want at the lowest possible prices. As an essential business, we take our commitment to serving communities very seriously, and opening new stores enables us to reach, serve and support new customers across the country.” 

Aldi, whose corporate office is in Batavia, Illinois, operates over 2,000 stores across 36 states.  

While most businesses are taking a economic hit during COVID-19, grocery stores are thriving during the pandemic as more people are cooking at home.

Doing especially well during this time are private or store-brand products.

In all U.S. retail outlets, private brands increased 14.6 percent in dollar volume and 12.8 percent in unit volume, just ahead of national brands for a total dollar sales of store brands for the first quarter reaching $38.4 billion and units reaching 13.2 billion, according to a Nielsen report in April.

Ninety percent of Aldi’s shelves are stocked with its own exclusive brand with a limited selection of national brands. The company states shoppers can save up to 50 percent on their grocery bills by shopping at Aldi.

Aldi brands are made by many of the country’s leading food producers and meet or exceed the quality of national name brands, according to the company. 

Other ways Aldi keeps cost low is keeping staff to a minimum and no free bags for customers – they can bring their own or buy a reusable bag at checkout. 

And customers who want to use a shopping cart must first deposit a quarter, which they get back when they return the cart. The cart-rental system means Aldi doesn’t have to hire someone to police the carts, passing along the savings to customers. Additionally, with the system there are no stray carts littering the parking lot or causing dents to cars.

Besides produce, Aldi also sells items such as bed sheets, small kitchen appliances, patio furniture and clothing.

Kanta, a data, insights and consulting company, ranked Aldi No. 7 on a list of top 50 global retailers for 2019.