Mobile vet

Dr. Kelly Patriquin, DVM, and Doug Patriquin own a mobile veterinarian practice. (Courtesy Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Vet)

Having pets is expensive.

A recent nationwide study found almost 28% of households experienced barriers to proper veterinary care for their pets, with finances being cited as the most common reason.

Dr. Kelly Patriquin, DVM, and Doug Patriquin wanted to help local residents have better access to affordable surgical care for their furry friends – cats, dogs and rabbits specifically.

So in 2016, they opened Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Vet, a veterinary practice on wheels that routinely sets up shop in Mesa, Gilbert and Queen Creek.

“We were looking to open a veterinary service where we can help more pets,” said Doug Patriquin, CEO of the practice. “We found by specializing in surgical care we can help pets that might not receive care due to financial constraints.

“Often, due to the cost, pets will go without proper dental care, spay and neutering or getting some of the growing lumps and bumps removed. The cost of veterinary care, like most things, is rising and services can be prohibitively expensive for some clients.”

“Unfortunately, if these services that fall under surgical care are left untreated, the issue often gets worse and more expensive down the line,” he continued.

Noting owners “often make large financial sacrifices or take on debt to care for their family pet,” he said that by specializing in certain services, like routine surgery, “we can find efficiencies and pass that savings to our clients.”

Dr. Kelly’s Mobile Vet specializes in low-cost surgical care including spay/neuter, dental cleaning and extractions, mass removals, and more.

Patriquin explained that the practice has six clinics: one free standing building and five custom-built mobile hospitals that provide surgical procedures right on board.

He said that each day a mobile unit partners with a local business where they park their mobile clinic.

People can find a clinic at and typing in a location.

“We are not a door-to-door service but with our business partners all over town we connect to every corner of the Valley,” he added.

Patriquin said his business has strived to provide affordable services since it was formed.

“We have amazing and long-lasting relationships with rescues like Friends for Life and Ghost Town in Mesa, local and family-owned retail businesses like Inspire Farms and multiple Pet Planet locations, incredible dog boarding facilities like 24/7 Dogs, Doggie District, Camp Bow Wow and Preppy Pet, and small and large grooming salons,” he said.

In addition to providing affordable veterinary care for individuals, Dr. Kelly also works with nonprofits.

“We provide both financial support and service discounts to dozens of local nonprofit animal rescues as they are a key part of the community and align with our mission of helping pets,” Patriquin said. “Rescue pets have been a part of our family from the beginning, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Looking toward the future, Patriquin sees their practice continuing to grow as affordable veterinary care is always in demand.

“We started this mobile surgical business because we felt there was a need for affordable pet surgical care services,” he said.

“We’ve worked in clinics where they routinely charged three times what we do now. It makes us feel good to be able to provide these services to people at a cost they can afford.”

Information: or 602-909-5383.