Ribbon Store partners Summer Goodrich Sharon Van Emmerik

Ribbon Store partners Summer Goodrich and Sharon Van Emmerik have launched a website, DesignerDIY.shop, to help people get ready for the Christmas holidays.

With the holidays quickly approaching, many avid crafters are beginning to think of décor for the home or for that special family gathering.

 Due to the restrictions of in-person classes, DIY tutorials have sparked consumer interest, along with online shops, to allow for creating from the comfort of home.

 Enter DesignerDIY.shop – a locally owned and operated family business that aims to address any DIY holiday need.

Residents of Gilbert may be familiar with the colorful and quaint Ribbon Store in South Gilbert.

 This community staple was started 39 years ago and has recently evolved to operating as an online shop; DesignerDIY.shop, with the hope to offer in-person workshops again in the future.

 For now, the thriving boutique has transitioned to online platforms in order to be hands-on with customers virtually.

“My parents, with help from my grandma, started this business,” said owner Summer Goodrich. “My grandma always loved crafting and knew it would be a great business to own. For me, it was a later decision to join the family business. 

“I went to law school and practiced for years, finally realizing how much I missed creating things and spending time crafting with my family,” she continued. “Together, we built a business that we plan to pass on to my daughter and future generations to come.”

DesignerDIY.shop specializes in making DIY projects simple, with professional-quality results.

 Goodrich and business partner Sharon Van Emmerik take the time to find high quality, beautiful ribbons, mesh and decorative pieces to ensure the customer is able to make amazing wreaths, garlands, bows and holiday items to adorn any space. 

“Our easy DIY kits and free online tutorials give you step by step instructions on so many fun holiday projects,” Goodrich said. 

“The projects pictured will all look gorgeous with our exceptional materials because the techniques are simple. If you can cut and twist, then you make a wreath, a centerpiece or even a bow.”

For the fall wreath, Goodrich explained that it can be done on a budget with only a few materials – two bolts of mesh, an assortment of wired ribbons and a fun accent piece. 

She also noted that if someone is unsure of what to purchase or how to coordinate colors, DesignerDIY.shop is there to assist.  

“All of the projects we teach are simple and perfect for the beginner crafter to the well-seasoned crafter. Already have supplies but not sure what to do with them? 

“At DesignerDIY.shop we have a link to all of our free online tutorials. Aside from wreaths, you can create a swag that can double as a centerpiece. It uses the same cut and roll techniques we used on the wreath, so you are halfway there.”

Goodrich called the bow tutorials are popular as well and that “we make it easy to create any style of bow that would add the perfect touch to your existing décor, should you just want to spruce up a space with some festive flare.”

Goodrich said she loves the Gilbert community and the strong relationships her business has built with the women here. 

The much missed ‘Ladies Nights’ will return when it is safe to do so.

“Luckily, we converted our business at the beginning of 2020, so we were still able to teach and help our customers create a little happiness while they were stuck at home. 

“With 2020 being such a rough year, we feel it is even more important to decorate your home and do some crafting therapy to bring extra fun and happiness into your home at the holidays.”

DesignerDIY.shop can be found on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, or check out their blog and website: designerdiy.shop.