Brooke McGregor, left, and Alexandra Maw

Brooke McGregor, left, and Alexandra Maw are expanding their Kaleidescope Juice business into the East Valley for the first time with an outlet in Gilbert.

The clean-eating trend continues to grow new businesses in Gilbert with the planned opening of Kaleidoscope Juice, providing a menu with fresh-pressed juices and names like Digestive, Regeneration and Skin Flush.

Gilbert will be the first East Valley location for the local health and wellness company. Six are in Phoenix and Scottsdale.

“We wanted to branch out from our current shop locations and bring our juice and healthy food to a new market that we believe is our perfect demographic,” said Alexandra Maw, founder and co-owner of Kaleidoscope Juice. 

“We are buzzing with delight to open our shop in Gilbert and share our passion for mindful eating and high vibe foods with this new community,” she added.

Its 1,100-square-foot building at 60 W. Vaughn Ave. is expected to open at the end of February, with the exact date to be announced. It will feature a walnut-wood bar, banquet seating and a communal table where customers can dine in.

Menu items include fresh-pressed and cold-pressed juices, smoothies, coffees, acai bowls, grab-and-go salads and more.

The new location also will feature a baking-production area that will allow the company to expand its offering of gluten-free, vegan and sugar-free baked goods.

“We wanted to bring the baking experience into our shop to showcase what we have always done behind the scenes,” said Maw, a Paradise Valley resident.

Currently, Kaleidoscope serves a variety of protein cookies, gluten-free muffins, keto brownies and quick breads.

Maw said the eatery’s best sellers are the Flu Shot and Immortal Machine smoothies and protein cookies.

Flu Shot is a smoothie touted to support immunity through antibacterial and antiviral superfoods.

 The drink includes acerola cherry, raw garlic, turmeric, ginger, apple, lemon, hemp seeds and more. A 16-ounce cup will cost $10 and $12 for 24 ounces.

The Immortal Machine, advertised as an adaptogenic meal replacement, includes ingredients such as banana, almond butter, Immortal Machine powder, Sunwarrior Protein, gluten-free oats and cacao nibs.

 The cost for that smoothie is $8.25 for a 16-0unce cup and $9.25 for 24 ounces.

There will be herbal tonics like the Mushroom Latte and Bulletproof Hot Chocolate and Bulletproof Coffee – which is certified clean coffee with brain octane oil and grass-fed butter.  

Customers also can purchase superfood add-ons such as spirulina, kale, raw honey and coconut meat.

The other company operator is Brooke McGregor, a Scottsdale resident.  

Maw founded the company in 2008 while attending Arizona State University through a grant program. She started with home deliveries and grew the company organically to where it is now.

“We don’t have any other locations in the works for now,” Maw said. “We really want to focus on getting Gilbert integrated in the community.”

Eating organic, unprocessed foods has been a trend for a few years with “more of a healthy revolution” expected in 2020, according to Pollock Communications, an independent, entrepreneurial New York City-based agency.

The company cites a survey among 1,259 registered dietitian nutritionists who noted the hottest food and nutrition trends for this year – including the increasingly popular keto diet, fermented foods, non-dairy milks, and plant proteins – to name a few. 

And, according to Pollock, this year green tea pushes out coconut products from the top 10 superfoods list, while a “healthy” label holds strong as a leading consumer-purchase driver, surpassing cost and taste, yet again.