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platform to reduce employee turnover

KeepWOL (Keep Wondering Out Loud), a developer of immersive learning and development solutions, recently launched a talent development gaming platform designed to maximize workplace cultural intelligence and minimize turnover.

As the first Black woman to graduate from the University of Kansas’ Aerospace Engineering Department, Lauren Fitzpatrick Shanks of Gilbert, founder and CEO of KeepWOL, knows what it’s like to be the only minority and formed her company to help others who feel that way.

 When she entered corporate America, she thought that things would change – but they didn’t. She still felt like an outsider.

After over a decade of experience working at five different Fortune 500 companies in technology, Shanks witnessed other employees, and even herself at times, suffer and grow complacent at work. 

“When you feel unsupported, you provide less than optimal output,” she said, adding that the drive to excel can wither and die.

“Companies had promises about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, but all of them were more so for vanity metrics purposes,” Shanks said. 

“None of the programs were geared around retention or ensuring the success of those diverse hires,” she continued. “On top of that, managers didn’t receive training on how to manage, lead, motivate and communicate with people of all different walks of life, of different identities that are not of their own.”

Shanks saw what was lacking in the workplace and noticed employees quitting or losing their drive because of it. So, she came up with a solution to keep employees supported, engaged and wanting to stay at a company.

“The lack of resources and support for managers and teams to have those complex and non-combative conversations that provide the context, detail and learning you need to really understand where each individual employee is coming from, what they need to be the most successful, and how you can support them in being the most successful – that’s really what led me to creating KeepWOL,” she said.

KeepWOL’s on-demand SaaS platform offers a digital library of live multiplayer psychology-based games that cultivate employee development in various areas. 

The impact of each session is tracked by data collected within the platform providing accountability and measurable change.

The games are designed to help enterprises build tight-knit inclusive, high-performing teams by embracing differences and normalizing interpersonal skills such as communication, empathy and connection at work.

KeepWOL has 10 games available in its current library with six more on the way that the company has been working with Mayo Clinic on, Shanks said. 

“The games are geared around all different kinds of things that will help you to become the most successful version of you in your personal life and professional life,” she said.

By using KeepWOL with teams on a recurring basis, organizations should see a more engaged workforce, better team dynamics, a boost in collaboration and innovation, and more, Shanks said.

“With all of our games, we’re looking to humanize everyone,” she added. “We want to elevate the human experience to unlock that productivity within people.”

Unlike traditional platforms, KeepWOL doesn’t rely on teaching methods like panels, surveys and pre-recorded videos as these strategies often don’t change employee behavior, mainly because they occur as one-offs and don’t focus on the ins-and-outs of everyday work life. 

Instead, KeepWOL enables recurring guided immersive team experiences that are powered by software but driven by humans to revitalize corporate culture.

The goal is to take diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging from passive awareness to an actionable experience for all employees.

“People aren’t leaving companies, they’re leaving environments,” Shanks said. “Putting that human factor first and realizing that if you want to keep employees longer you have to build relationships first.

Relationships are built on trust, they’re built on transparency, they’re built on vulnerability. That’s what KeepWOL enables people to do in an easy way.”

KeepWOL is designed for SMBs with at least 10 employees and enterprise organizations looking to build or shift corporate culture. Monthly subscriptions start at $10 per user, with certification available and required for those employees interested in becoming KeepWOL facilitators. 

Information: keepwol.com.