Copper and Logs Restaurant owners Malread and Fabrice Buschletz

Copper and Logs Restaurant owners Malread and Fabrice Buschletz flank their daughter Laura, who actually runs the restaurant on their behalf.  Below is one of the specialties, a “hanging skewer.” 

Gilbert residents have a new place to enjoy craft food and gather for happy hour deals seven days a week. 

Copper and Logs, whose name was developed to pay tribute to Arizona’s many copper mines and represent the restaurant’s wood-fired oven, officially opened last month has since attracted more business than owner Máiréad Buschtetz expected. 

Buschtetz, whose family also owns and operates Cuisine and Wine Bistro in both Gilbert and Chandler, said the success so far of Copper and Logs has a lot to do with the location. 

Nestled on the southwest corner of Greenfield and Warner Roads, Buschtetz attributed much of Copper and Logs’ traffic to residents in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“We didn’t do any real advertising prior to opening,” said Buschtetz. “We didn’t even have a ‘now open’ sign but people showed up at our grand opening and every day we’ve had steady customers, some who have even come back regularly.” 

“We’ve seen many people ride their bikes here,” she said. “I think a lot of them live around here and have been anticipating us finally opening our doors.” 

The building became available in July 2018 after Pizza A Metro closed its doors.

 Six months later, Buschtetz and her husband visited the space and soon began the process of making it their own. 

After securing the location, Buschtetz’s husband, Fabrice, the executive chef of all three restaurants, and their son, began developing recipes for their first American-based cuisine. 

Originally from France, when the Buschtetzs moved to the United States in 2013, they decided to stick to their familiar roots and created French-inspired menus at both Cuisine and Wine Bistro locations.

However, when deciding to open another restaurant, they agreed to take Copper and Logs in a new direction. 

“It took time for us to get immersed in another country,” said Buschtetz. “We finally felt comfortable enough to do American food this time.” 

Over the next several months Buschtetz and her family, who all played vital roles in creating the new restaurant concept, began taste-testing recipes and working with a mixologist to develop specialty drinks. 

“Here everything is craft,” said Buschtetz. “Craft food and craft cocktails. We don’t put anything into our food we can’t pronounce. It’s about having good basic ingredients and knowing how to work with them.” 

Some of the signature menu items at Copper and Logs include a variety of wood-fired pizzas and “hangin’ skewers” featuring the choice of beef, salmon, sausage, or chicken. 

In addition, Copper and Logs also offers a variety of oils at each table for added flavor and spice. 

Apart from the carefully selected menu items, Buschtetz said she hopes the atmosphere and experience will continue to draw diners in. 

As a family-owned business, Buschtetz said each member of her family contributes and plays a role in the day to day operations of all their restaurants. 

Their son Kilian runs the front of the Chandler Cuisine and Wine Bistro; son Steven manages the kitchen of the Gilbert Cuisine and Wine Bistro; and their daughter Laura was transferred over from the Gilbert location to run the front of Copper and Logs. 

“We tried to create a place we would enjoy going to ourselves,” she said. 

The interior space features an accent wall of hanging firewood logs with a digital fireplace in the middle, a bar, and tables to accommodate up to 70 guests. 

Outside, patrons can enjoy a dog-friendly patio, bistro-style lights, gas lamp heaters during the cooler months, misters, umbrellas, and fans during the summer-time, and seating for up to 80 people. 

Since Copper and Logs is a new restaurant, Buschtetz said the family is keeping flexible and adapting to any changes potentially arising. 

“We want to be open to what the neighbors and customers need,” she said. “We hope it’s a very smooth experience for everyone.” 

Copper and Logs is open for lunch and dinner every day and serves brunch on Sundays. 

The family had hoped to continue dine-in service, citing a number of precautions to ensure patrons’ safety from the virus.

“All of us at Copper & Logs are taking concerns surrounding COVID-19 very seriously,” it said.

But now that the governor has ordered all restaurants to restrict their service to takeout or delivery, the restaurant is offering takeout only.