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Residential recycle tonnages in Gilbert have remained steady for the most part – 20,757 tons in calendar year 2017; 20,838 in 2017 and 14,356 so far this year, according to Harrison.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Isagenix International in Gilbert has partnered with international recycling leader TerraCycle to recycle product packaging that can’t be processed municipally, helping to divert it from landfills. 

The global wellbeing company is making a six-figure investment in the partnership and other sustainable packaging improvements this year and will cover shipping costs for U.S. customers to send some of its packaging to New Jersey-based TerraCycle, which specializes in hard-to-recycle waste.

“We’re beyond excited to partner with TerraCycle as part of our journey to zero waste packaging,” said Isagenix Chief Visionary Officer Erik Coover.

The company’s goal is to convert all packaging components to be made with recyclable, reusable, compostable, or recycled materials by 2028. 

“Our U.S. customers will have a terrific way to help recycle Isagenix packaging that is not yet sustainable while we continue making progress toward our zero-waste goal,” Coover said.

 Isagenix plans to launch the recycling program during the fourth quarter once program development is complete. 

Packaging that can’t be recycled through local curbside pickup or store drop-off recycling options, such as personal care product and film packaging used for items like the  IsaLean Bar, will be eligible for the program. 

Participating customers will print prepaid shipping labels and use their own boxes to ship items to TerraCycle, where the packaging will be cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remolded to make new recycled products.

Isagenix has already hit several major recycling milestones: 75 percent of its packaging components are recyclable or compostable and two products are zero-waste.

The company’s sustainability focus includes sustainable shipping practices, sustainable and ethical sourcing, green efforts at its world headquarters in Gilbert, and plant-based products. 

Last year, Isagenix began using cardboard trays instead of boxes when moving shake canisters from its third-party manufacturers to its distribution centers, saving 1 million square feet in cardboard in 2020.

Solar panels on the parking structures at its Gilbert headquarters provide enough clean energy to power 25 percent of the building.

The company continues to expand its plant-based product line, which ranges from meal replacements to snacks.

Isagenix is also investing in sustainable food production for underserved populations around the world through the ISA Foundation, its nonprofit. 

The foundation funds U.S.- and Canada-based nonprofits that align with its four focus areas, which include healthy nutrition and support for underserved children and wellness education for all. 

The ISA Foundation recently awarded grants totaling $70,000 to six Arizona-based nonprofits. Five of the recipients have previously received grants. The Be Kind People Project is new. 

The six grant recipients are: The Be Kind People Project in Scottsdale, $20,000; ICAN  in Chandler, $15,000; AZCEND, also Chandler, $15,000; House of Refuge in Mesa, $10,000; TigerMountain Foundation in Phoenix, $5,000; and the Chandler Service Club, $5,000.