Jeff Kline of Gilbert two Lapels Dry Cleaning outlets

Jeff Kline of Gilbert owns two Lapels Dry Cleaning outlets in Chandler and Gilbert. He was an aerospace engineer for Orbital Sciences Corp. but went into the dry-cleaning business in 2011.

A Gilbert man who made a career leap from aeronautical engineering to dry cleaning business owner, adopted an environmentally-friendly method to clean clothes at his two businesses.

Jeff Kline is now using GreenEarth at his Lapels Dry Cleaning outlets in Gilbert and Chandler.

The company, in a release said the sand by-product is not only safe for people and pets by doesn’t shrink or fade clothing.

“GreenEarth is virtually odorless,” Kline said. “No matter how challenging the dry-cleaning job, clothes will come back smelling like a beautiful day with no detergent smell lingering.”

GreenEarth is a more effective treatment for smoke- and water-damaged clothing, Kline said.

“You might think it impossible for an item damaged by smoke or water to be salvageable without the smell you were trying to get out or the smell of the detergent you used to get the smell out,” he said.

Kline, in 2011, took a career leap from his job as an aerospace engineer at Orbital Sciences Corp. to open Lapels Dry Cleaning franchises at 1085 West Queen Creek Road in Chandler and 2586 South Val Vista Drive in Gilbert.

“Since Jeff opened his doors for business in 2011, his Lapels Dry Cleaning stores have exemplified the excellence we strive for with all our locations,” said Kevin Dubois, corporate CEO.

Dubois said Kline’s plant in Gilbert has grown business by nearly 50 percent through strong residential and hotel delivery.

He also praised Kline for working with corporate officials in developing a construction plan for new franchise owners to follow in opening their stores.

 “Our goal in opening our Lapels Dry Cleaning stores was to bring high-quality dry cleaning and superior customer service to our friends, neighbors and fellow East Valley residents,” said Kline, who owns and operates both locations with his wife Tanya.

He was recognized in 2014, as the company’s franchise owner of the year.

 He called that recognition “a testament to the business model Lapels has set up and the commitment and dedication of my wife Tanya and the rest of our team.” 

Hours for the Lapels Dry Cleaning of Chandler and Lapels Dry Cleaning of Gilbert are Monday through Friday, 7 am to 7 pm; Saturday 8 am to 5 pm; and Sunday, 12 pm to 3 pm.