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24/7 unit ready to roll if a train derails here

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Witnesses described the 2020 derailment over Tempe Town Lake as a “scene from hell.” (GSN file photo)

Concern over the safety of hauling cargo on trains is foremost on the public’s mind following the Feb. 3 derailment in East Palestine, Ohio that spilled toxic chemicals into that community.

And more recently, a freight train carrying corn syrup, initially reported as hazardous material, derailed last Wednesday in Mohave County near the California border.

East Valley officials say a task force of first responders is trained to handle any such emergency that may occur in the region.

“From a Valley perspective, we are extremely well-prepared to handle any type of hazardous materials leak, whether it’s by rail or industry or on the road – and I’ve had far more over-the-road incidents,” said Mesa City Councilman Somers, w...

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